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Hi there! Welcome to my shop!  I am Anna, I live in Greece and I work with driftwood, felt balls, felt pebbles and driftwood sailboats to make 100% handmade mobiles for nurseries or children play rooms, living rooms, beach or lake houses, work spaces like offices, shops and boutiques

I make all felt materials by hand -not ordering them from Nepal- with needle felting technique and that's why I can make any size of ball or pebble, from tiny 1.5 cm to extra large 13 cm
The same applies for felt pebbles and driftwood sailboats, just ask for something and I can make it!!
Turnaround time: 1-2 days for simple mobiles, 4-5 days for bigger projects


Take a moment to read my shop's journey

All started when I was decorating my oncoming baby son's nursery room, around January 2013 (he was born on March 28, 2013)

The idea of a driftwood mobile with colorful felt balls came very naturally.
My previous activity as a felt jewelry designer and maker and presently driftwood artist helped me in designing what I had in my mind and...... voilà: a driftwood mobile with colorful felt balls was born!

I hanged it above his crib knowing that it'll be one of the first things he will see, after mommy and daddy of course!
My son is now 3 years old and learned the colors with these mobiles, he calls them bobiles and still wants one (or many!) in his room
Although its simple form, spheres, it's very appealing to children of all ages (oh, it's tested!!)

Other mommies loved my driftwood mobiles too and helped me to continue working on these cheerful projects and make a living from this shop (god bless all my lovely customers!!!)

enjoy your visit :-))
thank you for reading this

learn more about me and mobile process: www.facebook.com/feelfeltfelt